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About Us                     
As ministry clowns we go to prisons, children's homes, Awana Council times, Humor Therapists at hospitals and nursing homes, and sharing the gospel in churches and other events.
We are available for birthday parties and corporate events,family reunions,anniversary celebrations,church services and more.
Ranked in the 10 ten clowns internationally and have received several awards regionally and internationally.We have performed at the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, Awana's Regional Conference,Circus Magic, Family Entertainers, Show Me Clowns For Jesus National Conference,along with teaching at many regional, national and international conferences including World Clowns, and Clowns of America, Shiners, and Knights of Columbus  conferences.
Published in  the Christian Conjurer Magazine Sept. 2009, US News 2008, GA World Magazine and Discovery Missions Magazine 11/06,Also published in Couples Who Clown Together by Steve Kissel, The Hospital Clown by Pattie Wooten, Nursing Home Clowning by Anita Theis, and A Hospital Clown by Anita Theis.
As gospel clowns were appointed to the mission service corp in Feb. 2002  serving in Innovative Evangelism Special Ministries of the North American Mission Board. Sharing the gospel with the use of clowning , illusions and puppets with all denominations . Handy Andy & Blossom offer Fun filled special events! Worship services where adults and children laugh and learn about the gospel in creative ways. Fun and exciting council times. Vacation bible school and family nights they still continue to talk about. Revival nights they actually invite their friends back to!
Currently working with local schools and other organizations to develop programs and to teach safety, drug abuse, and illusions., and basic skills like balancing, juggling, and plate spinning.We use the innovative creative use of bubbles, illusions, clowning and puppetry to teach and build self esteem. We have been involved in humor therapy for the past 10 years working as Clown Docs in a local Children's hospital. 
Want to make your next church or school event memorable? Call Clown Gadget & Ministries today! Handy Andy & Blossom or Curt The Magician are here for your entertainment .
Call the staff Curt & Diana at      314.853.5912 
Handy Andy & Blossom received the
Gospel Clown Award in St. Louis, MO
for 2012-2014
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