Invite Handy Andy & Blossom today for you next event! - Company Message
"Thank you so much for you clown visit with the children at the VCU Children's Medical Center Child Life Program. Everyone enjoyed your interaction with the patient and you certainly brought miles to many faces. The time spent with Dr. ICU and Nurse Sniggles helped to make the patients and their families' day just a little brighter."
Heather, CCLS
"We wanted to write a letter to let you know how much we enjoyed this year. You were the best teachers we have had. You made clowning fun. We never got bored with your instructions. Adding the spiritual side, touched our hearts....."
"Imagine a handyman turned clown, and a lovely blossom "bloomin-funy" and you can come near a perfect picture of a Couple-of-Clowns named "Handy Andy" and "Blossom," parenting clowning-children. They cheer the sick at St. Louis Hospital and get paid for it. They are job-bringer, hope-walkers, and love-teachers whether they giggle, grump, goof-off, or gum their way into failing hearts.They comforted and consoled this ol' clown Buddy in the same hospital in which they parade as clowns using bubbles and "Bear-on-the-bottom" antics. When I was having a foreign object removed from my chest, their good humor was magic when mixed with faithful friendship. Everyone fortunate enough to stand nearby this Couple's Clowning, is sure to be filled by laughter and held up by renewed spirit. Thankful for Couples-as-Clowns,
I am"
Servo Servin, Clown (Alias, Carol J Phipps)

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